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Unfinished Business

Cadwell Park circuit is a motor racing circuit located in Louth, Lincolnshire. The circuit is known for its challenging and technical nature, making it a popular destination for both car and bike racing enthusiasts. The circuit is 1.9 miles long and has 14 flowing turns, with a mix of fast and slow corners with variety undulations.

Having had a season ending accident here last year, we were eager to put the past behind us and quickly find our race pace without any demons haunting us. Qualifying here was our best qualifying performance of the year so far. We were consistently fastest on every lap with over 2 tenths up on everyone else. Bring on race 1!

Race 1
A great start saw us carry the lead into the first corner. Knowing we were quick around this track, we knew we had to focus on what was in front of us and let our driving do the talking. We had started to pull away from the field but an unfortunate incident further down the pack saw the safety car come out, which resulted in a red flag. This means the race is neutralised until the incident has been cleared up and we would all restart the race from a grade formation in the places we were in when the red flag was given. Another good restart saw us again take the lead into the first corner. 2nd place however also made a good start and this time was hot on my heels. It wasn’t long before he executed a great move coming into the bottom of Mountain and with only 3 laps to go we found ourselves in 2nd place. We pushed as hard as possible but due to the nature of this narrow circuit, were unable to get back into the lead and crossed the line in 2nd place.

Race 2
A good start by both cars on the front of the grid saw us head into the first corner side by side. We weren’t quite able to hold it and so tucked in behind 1st place and waited for the opportunity to get by on a later lap. A few laps later, a gap opened and we went for an ambitious move coming onto the back straight, the door quickly closed on us (much quicker than anticipated!) and we ended up making contact. Thankfully not enough to put either one of us out of the race but it lead to losing a position to the car behind and by the end of the straight we were down in 3rd place. Only a lap later our car was shown a 10 second penalty board. Not knowing what this penalty was for we had to make a decision. Try to get ahead of the cars in front but risk fighting and losing valuable time or sit tight and push the cars in front in order to build as big a gap as possible to the cars behind. We decided on the latter which turned out to be a good decision as despite the penalty we only ended up losing 2 places. We therefore picked up 5th place points. I later discovered that the penalty was due to a false start with our car slightly rolling forwards before the lights went out.

Another good set of points and coming away from the weekend with over 20 points clear of 2nd place.

Race footage below courtesy of the BRSCC with live commentary.

Race 1
Race start at 18:00

Race 2
Race start at 18:00

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