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Inaugural Race Weekend Complete!

Updated: Apr 4

Admittedly, this was not the start to the season we were hoping for with a few driver errors and some adjusting to the new race car. As ever though, plenty of positives to take away from this weekend and even more motivation for the races to come.

First and foremost, I’d like to start by welcoming a new and exciting sponsor, Gedore Torque, and the return of existing partners, Kesterport, O’Brien Ductwork Services, Blue Sky Apartments and Chimney Fire Coffee not to mention all the incredible individuals who have also supported me. More details on these amazing sponsors to come.

Ordinarily, our race weekends start on the Friday with testing. Not only does this give us a chance to familiarise ourselves with the circuit, but it also gives us time to set the car up ahead of the race weekend to follow. With the series being regulated, the suspension setup is about the only thing we are able to make adjustments too. Herein lies one of the many benefits of racing with James Tucker and his amazing team who have many years of experience with car setup. However, when you don’t test, you don’t get the chance to set the car up correctly…. unfortunately we were unable to attend testing !

Qualifying was quite a challenge, not only because of the lack of testing, but the session itself was on a wet circuit. Typically, the test day was also wet giving those who tested a great advantage. After a tough start to the day, we managed 12th in qualifying. Not where we were hoping to start from but it was only going to go up from here. P.S any motorcyclists might recognise the name on the grid spot behind me.....

Race 1
After months of anticipation, we were back on the starting grid ready to begin another exciting season of close wheel to wheel racing!
Luckily enough for us, the track had dried off for race 1. After pinching a few places off the start line, we tried to settle into the race. Being such a long circuit, we were to pass the chequered flag after only 6 laps (timed 15 minute race). Not having had the chance to test, a dry circuit gave us the opportunity to push the car properly for the first time. Although overall the car felt fast, there were definitely some setup adjustments that needed to be made. For those of you who watched the race, you will have noticed that a few times coming into Brooklands corner, I was holding on for dear life hoping not to spin out of control. This didn’t only cost valuable time, but also allowed cars that we had already overtaken to re-pass. Overall however, we climbed 5 places to finish 7th.

Race 2
We were eagerly waiting in the assembly area with the team prior to going out for the last race. There was moisture in the air and we were watching the grey clouds passing over whilst asking ourselves the big question- will it rain? This makes a huge difference to how the car is set up. On a wet circuit, you effectively soften the suspension on the car which gives you more traction through the corners. With most other cars making the decision to opt for a wet setup, knowing we didn’t have much to lose by being in 7th place, we took a big risk that it would stay dry and kept with a dry setup. If the track remained dry for the 15 minute race, we would have a great advantage over all the cars ahead of us that chose a wet setup.
The lights go out and away we go, we had appeared to have made a good call as within half a lap, we were up into 4th place with a podium finish firmly in our sights. Then, yes you guessed it, the heavens opened and next thing I know, I’m facing the wrong way with oncoming traffic heading straight for me. I scrambled to get out of harms way but had managed to stall the car. Although this all happened within the space of a few seconds, it felt like an eternity and there I was in what felt like last place with a lot of work to do to climb back through the field. I got my head down and did the best I could with the few laps remaining and pulled back to 16th place.

With most of the races still remaining we have to just park this one and move on to the next with our focus firmly on a podium at least. Bring on Brands Hatch 15th April. See you there!

Race footage below courtesy of the BRSCC with live commentary.

Race 1
Intro start at 26:00. Race start at 40:00
Race 2
Start at 5:41:00

A bit about our new sponsor

Gedore Torque

Gedore Torque, formally Torqueleader are a leading UK manufacturer of Industrial Torque Tools. We produce a high quality range of Torque Wrenches.

Our 28,000 square feet Gedore Torque site has been at the forefront of UK Torque tool design and manufacture since 1937. Today, the same location is home to the world's most advanced and fully-integrated torque tool manufacturing facility.

Every aspect of our business is based here; research & development, procurement, manufacture, assembly and dispatch. Our UKAS Calibration Laboratory ensures absolute accuracy, while our sales, marketing and customer service teams ensure that customers are always at the heart of our business.

Most importantly, the expertise and skills of our 70 strong team are always focused on the needs of our customers for increasingly efficient, innovative and reliable ways of measuring, applying and calibrating Torque.

Everything we do conforms to exacting standards, both internal and external, including ISO and UKAS accreditations for our on site calibration laboratory. The quality of our people, process and facilities is your guarantee that our tools will deliver unsurpassed accuracy, quality and durability.

We have been a leading manufacturer of industrial torque tools for over 80 years, combining innovative design with precision engineering to produce a comprehensive range of Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers and Torque Calibration Analysers.

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