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All Good Things Come In 3s

Updated: Aug 9

They often say that good things come in 3s, and Anglesey proved to be no exception. The Anglesey circuit, Trac Mon, located on the picturesque Isle of Anglesey, is a truly spectacular venue that I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't experienced it.

Unlike the usual race weekend format, the 24th and 25th June saw a slight deviation. Instead of the typical qualifying session followed by two races on Saturday, this weekend offered an additional race, spreading the action across both Saturday and Sunday. As we hadn't visited Anglesey since 2019, we decided to grant ourselves an extra track day to familiarise ourselves with the circuit before the Friday testing. It turned out to be a good decision as the Welsh weather greeted us with mostly wet conditions on Friday.

Qualifying was approached with confidence, buoyed by our recent excellent results at Croft. Preceding the weekend, the test days indicated that we had the right pace to compete at the front of the field. Our strategy involved finding clean air, putting our heads down, and setting some fast lap times. Despite providing a tow for cars trailing behind us, we still managed to secure pole position for the first race. It was a fantastic start to the weekend!

Race 1
Race 1 saw us launch off the front row of the grid ahead of our competitor Pethick, placing us exactly where we wanted to be. The first lap was crucial in maintaining a lead and hoping that the cars behind would apply pressure on the second-place driver, enabling us to forge ahead and break the tow. However, this wasn’t so easy with such a long back straight. While we demonstrated good pace in the first half of the lap, we encountered slight difficulties in the twistier second half, allowing second place to narrow the gap in this section. This was a set up issue we could easily address before the next race. Unfortunately, missing the right gear by shifting from 2nd to 5th gear coming out of the Hairpin, gave Pethick the opportunity to overtake us. Four corners later, with the help of a good tow down the back straight, we regained the lead. An error not to be repeated. However we did manage to maintain the lead for the last few laps and bring the car home in first place for the first race of the weekend.

Race 2
Race 2 starting on pole due to win in race 1. Assuming we repeated our performance from the previous race (minus the gear change mishap), we should be in good shape. However, during the green flag lap, we encountered a serious issue. Twice, the engine lost all power, cutting out momentarily before springing back to life. At that point, all we could do was remain calm and focus on the task at hand, hoping the engine would endure the entire race. This time, my reaction off the line wasn't as swift, allowing Pethick to take the lead before the first corner, benefiting from the inside line into The Banking. It also provided an opportunity for my teammate Beau to position himself alongside us, although not enough for him to get passed and as we raced down the back straight, we firmly held the second-place position. With a slight adjustment to the setup, we were confident in our improved pace through the twisty part of the track, which was evident during the race. Constantly pressuring Pethick in the lead, we patiently waited for a mistake to be made. On the fifth lap, we managed a better exit out of The Banking and executed a feigned move going into Rocket, which created the opportunity to dive up the inside and reclaim first place. We maintained the lead, gradually widening the gap to break the tow once again, and finished the race 1.5 seconds ahead. Fortunately, the engine continued running throughout. Two wins out of two races, and this time we secured the fastest lap, earning a crucial bonus point for the championship.

Race 3
Race 3 posed a challenge as the Tucker boys worked tirelessly between races to identify the cause of the engine issue, but their efforts were in vain. Once again, we had to rely on luck for Race 3. Another poor start briefly pushed us back two places, but we managed to regain second position before the first corner. It felt like a repeat of Race 2, so we took our time to settle into the race and build a gap on the cars behind us before planning our move to take the lead. The opportunity presented itself on the fourth lap, and once again, aided by a tow down the back straight, we seized first place. Once in the lead, we steadily increased our advantage and crossed the finish line three seconds ahead.

What a great weekend! We secured pole position, won all three races, and even clinched a fastest lap. Amazing results for the team and maximising our points in the championship standings.

11 trophies, 2 poles and 7 fastest laps for Tucker Motorsport

I'd like to give a shoutout to my teammate Beau, who achieved his first two podium finishes this weekend. Well done, Beau! I would also like to mention fellow competitor Paul Bateman, who unfortunately had to be taken to the hospital before the weekend. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately there was no live stream at this event so no race footage to share.

Last but certainly not least, I want to express my gratitude to each and every sponsor, both big and small. Your contributions, whether financial or in-kind, continue to make a significant impact on my journey. Thank you for being an essential part of my support system.

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