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2023, we're coming for you!

Updated: Mar 5

Here we are at the start of a new and very exciting season. We’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what we achieved last year and feel confident that this year we can build on our success in the Championship and bring home even more trophies!

With every season bringing new and different talent, it is key we set our own goals and not allow ourselves to be driven by the competition. By setting our focus on achieving these goals, we know we shall keep improving and move forwards to the front field where we plan to stay …. and go for the Championship!

Here is the timetable for this year’s season, so please check the dates and decide which of the races you might be able to join and support me at. The more the better :)

At this point I would like to say another huge thank you to everyone who supported me last season. Race mechanics, sponsorship partners, friends and family all played a key role in the success of my season and I was truly grateful for your generosity. I have set up a new go fund me page with the link below should anyone like to assist me again this year:

I am also pleased to announce that we will be running again with Tucker Motorsport. James, Paul and his team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to racing and with MX5s in particular. They did a fantastic job for us last year keeping the car race worthy, sometimes completely against the odds! Mike Lillywhite and his trusted team will continue to look after and maintain the car between race meetings, again like Tucker, doing a great job. Despite everyone’s best efforts to revive last year’s race car following a minor incident later in the season (oops!!), we have had to say farewell to it and welcome a new addition to the team!
James Tucker has worked wonders sourcing an already proven race winning car from another series and I have recently been weekend apprentice to Mike Lillywhite in helping to prepare it for its maiden voyage at Silverstone at the beginning of March. An initial shake down and testing of the car was very promising with it having plenty of performance and a sweet chassis!

Our new car in action.

I do hope you are all looking forward to the season as much as we are and for those of you who can’t make the race weekends I will be sure to keep you posted with all the action along the way.

Time to get back on that top step.

Bring on 2023!
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